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The neon lights will turn off for the winter as Four Seas concludes its 75th year of serving some of the New England's finest ice cream.

Even though we are already waist-deep into September, summer only truly ends for me the day Four Seas closes its doors for the season. And today, my dear friends, is that sad day when they hold their annual closing sale where, in order to empty out their inventory, they sell pints and quarts at a 15% discount. The store will remain open until all their ice cream is sold out, which usually happens by 5 p.m. at the latest.

I arrived at Four Seas around 11 a.m. today to what I can only describe as a mad and desperate feeding frenzy. Four Seas had all of its staff on hand, so the service was as swift and cheerful as ever, but there was a true seriousness to be found in the faces of the customers. Stockpiling ice cream, it seems, is nothing to be taken lightly. Almost everyone left the store with large paper bags full of quarts of their favorites to get them through the long winter. I imagine that by the time of this posting, with just a couple hours left of the sale, Four Seas resembles something like End Times meets Lord of the Flies, so if you are brave and want to bid summer adieu properly, the time to get to Four Seas is now.

But, as the old saying goes, when Mother Nature closes a door, Tom Brady opens a window. Or something like that. So, as of today, ice cream is out, but football is in and so Cape residents will just simply swap one addiction for another. Go Pats!

Four Seas was packed. It was a slightly terrifying, sun-filled feeding frenzy.

Four Seas was packed. It was a slightly terrifying, sun-filled feeding frenzy.


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Inaho is housed in a sweet little house on 6A in Yarmouth Port

Inaho is housed in a sweet little spot on 6A in Yarmouth Port

It is a sad truth that a girl cannot live on fried seafood and ice cream alone. God knows that during Cape Cod summers I sure have tried. And yes, with my high level consumption of both clam chowder and Black Raspberry ice cream, I’m definitely getting enough calcium, but occasionally I crave something that won’t make it impossible to fit into my jeans. And when this time comes, my first destination is the wonderful and elegant Japanese restaurant Inaho – located on Route 6A in Yarmouth Port. (more…)

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Wow - if the 80s are back in fashion, then the Ice Cream Cafe's sign is really en vogue

If the 80s are back in fashion, then the Ice Cream Cafe's sign is really in vogue

As I sat on the porch at Ice Cream Cafe in Orleans, greedily demolishing my cone of Peppermint Stick, I wondered to myself if I had been too quick to declare, as I had done on this blog two months earlier, that Four Seas serves the best ice cream on Cape Cod.

When I visited the Ice Cream Cafe, I did so with a bit of childish skepticism. I knew my favorite ice cream place, and this wasn’t it, so why was I here? And when I saw the woman in front of me in line receive her ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone with a topping of gummy bears (making her cone look more like a Pop-Art installation than a delicious dessert) I questioned the sanity of both the scooper and the customer. Gummy bears on ice cream? Is nothing sacred? But it was my turn to order, so I stuck with a standard that I’ve been ordering at Four Seas since the age of three – Peppermint Stick in a sugar cone, and, for the love of all that is holy, please hold the gummy bears. (more…)

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A few weeks back I had a successful quahogging expedition and was lucky enough to dig up a little over a dozen of these marvelous mollusks. On that day, upon returning home with my treasure, I rinsed off the quahogs, put them in a Ziploc bag, and stuck them in the freezer – putting them on ice, so to speak, until I had the time and occasion to make stuffed quahogs. And, today, on this rainy day, I finally had the chance to make my first ever stuffed quahogs. They turned out beautifully, so I thought I’d share the recipe. (more…)

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By the time I arrived at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe, the food line was out the door

The Sesuit Harbor Cafe

When it comes to dining on the Cape, I’m happiest when things are kept simple. All I need is a stellar location and some fresh food that’s cooked well. So, when I get the chance to eat out, and the weather behaves, my favorite place to go is the Sesuit Harbor Cafe, a well-kept secret tucked away amongst the towering boats in a Dennis marina. The views are outstanding, the napkins are paper towels, the tables are of the picnic variety, and the food (well, most of it anyway) is outstanding, golden-fried seafoody goodness. (more…)

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Moonakis' Cranberry Walnut Pancakes are the most delicious pancakes I've ever had the pleasure to devour.

Moonakis' Cranberry Walnut Pancakes are the most delicious pancakes I've ever had the good fortune to devour.

What can feel more pleasurable than going out to breakfast with family and friends on a warm summer morning? I always take great joy in someone else making the coffee, cooking the eggs, clearing the table – ah, the absolute luxury of it and at not too high a price.

One of my favorite places on the Cape to grab a quick, delicious breakfast is Moonakis Cafe, a small, roadside diner/slice of heaven in East Falmouth. The staff is swift and gracious, the food is excellent, and the menu goes beyond the standard eggs and bacon fare. My favorites are the incredible cranberry walnut pancakes, chicken apple sausage with eggs and toast, their superb corned beef hash, and tasty homemade granola that I like to grab to go.


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The Raw Bar's Superlative Lobster Roll is almost laughable in its size and overall deliciousness

Stick a fork in it! The Raw Bar's superlative lobster roll is almost laughable in its size and overall deliciousness

I hope I’m not alone in feeling slightly stupefied by “The 99 Best Things to Eat on the Cape” article in the June issue of Cape Cod Magazine. My suspicion over the magazine’s choices starts as early as their #2 selection – namely, the Bread Cone and Dip from Not Your Average Joe’s – written up as, “fresh soft bread dipped into its simple olive oil, garlic, and grated Romano cheese dip.” Now, if the second best thing to eat on the Cape is bread and oil at the Hyannis Mall, then please let me never dine out here again. And, even if the cloud’s part, the angels sing, and God himself feels present in the flavor and sumptuousness of eating oil-soaked bread at the mall, I still call foul. Not Your Average Joe’s is, after all, a chain restaurant (a small Massachusett’s based chain, but a chain nonetheless) and whatever its culinary charms may be, it is not at all representative of our local food culture. So how, pray-tell, can it be #2?


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