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A shot of the Shining Sea bike path

The verdant scenery and the pristine, spacious bike path, make the Shining Sea bikeway a must-do for any and all bikers.

My poor bike has felt neglected this summer. The long cold rains of June were tough on me, but my bicycle, left to stoically rust outside, felt the brunt of it. Every rainy day, I would look at the delicate cobwebs forming on my bike’s handlebars, and sigh, wishing for the sunny side of life to reveal itself. And here it is! The weather, as if to make up for its bad behavior last month, has turned glorious. So, my bike and I decided to celebrate the warm summer day by thoroughly investigating the newly expanded Shining Sea Bikeway, which stretches from North Falmouth all the way down to the Steamship Authority parking lot in Woods Hole. It’s a 10.7 mile long, two-lane, biker’s paradise that takes its riders through some of the best landscapes the Cape has to offer. With its gorgeous scenery, flat, easily accessible bike path, and ample public parking lots, a ride on the Shining Sea Bikeway should be the number one priority destination for everyone who wants to bike, walk, jog, or Rollerblade in a safe and picturesque environment.



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