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The Mary Burton Land Trust

The Mary Burton Land Trust

Not that I blame them or would have it any other way, but the piping plovers chicks are cramping my style. Let me explain. For most of the year, my dog and I go to South Cape Beach in Mashpee for a nice morning walk along a thin sandy trail that has low dunes on the ocean side and swan-filled Waquoit Bay on the other side. It’s picturesque, it’s peaceful, it’s beautiful in any weather – all and all a perfect way to start the morning. But, alas, it is plover nesting season, and the plovers set up shop in the dunes of South Cape Beach. And those cute little plover chicks are as fragile and delicate as Blanche DuBois on a bad day, so my dog and I are forced to find a place to go where we won’t trample or terrify any creature protected by the Endangered Species Act. We both try not to hold a grudge. We understand. We love the plovers as much as the next person. We do, but still… (more…)


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