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Cotuit Park

For two short, perfect summer days, from August 14 to Saturday, August 15th, over a hundred sweet white tents full of arts and crafts will occupy the gently sloping park that surrounds the Cotuit Federated Church and the town library. It is the 39th Annual CraftFest in Cotuit – a compelling combination of local food, local crafts, and local performances. (more…)


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The Raw Bar's Superlative Lobster Roll is almost laughable in its size and overall deliciousness

Stick a fork in it! The Raw Bar's superlative lobster roll is almost laughable in its size and overall deliciousness

I hope I’m not alone in feeling slightly stupefied by “The 99 Best Things to Eat on the Cape” article in the June issue of Cape Cod Magazine. My suspicion over the magazine’s choices starts as early as their #2 selection – namely, the Bread Cone and Dip from Not Your Average Joe’s – written up as, “fresh soft bread dipped into its simple olive oil, garlic, and grated Romano cheese dip.” Now, if the second best thing to eat on the Cape is bread and oil at the Hyannis Mall, then please let me never dine out here again. And, even if the cloud’s part, the angels sing, and God himself feels present in the flavor and sumptuousness of eating oil-soaked bread at the mall, I still call foul. Not Your Average Joe’s is, after all, a chain restaurant (a small Massachusett’s based chain, but a chain nonetheless) and whatever its culinary charms may be, it is not at all representative of our local food culture. So how, pray-tell, can it be #2?


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